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Medical Device Sharing with Regulators

Posted on 20th Aug 2013

9789814411219news.jpgHong Kong, 12th June, 2013 – Local Responsible Persons (LRP) Panel Meeting for medical device regulators in Hong Kong. 

tong-resize.jpgRaymond K. Y. Tong (2nd from left) with the participants from the government and medical device companies. The LRP Panel meeting is a regular meeting and opens to all companies or individuals to provide free-of-charge and interactive platform to share the latest regional and global requirements in medical devices. Raymond Tong (Chairman of the LRP panel meeting and Hong Kong Academic Chair, Asia Regulatory Professional Association (ARPA)), and Jack Wong (General Manager, ARPA) have hosted the last meeting on 12th June 2013 in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the next meeting will be on 8 Nov 2013.

The objectives of the LRP Panel Meeting are: • Providing Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) updates by industry (non-governmental organization) and government representatives • Maintaining a regular gathering for regulatory and non-regulatory staff in medical device fields • Creating a platform for different trade associations, industries and the government (Department of Health) to discuss and update the medical device regulatory development (especially in Hong Kong and Asia). Providing more information on the functions of Local Responsible Persons • Facilitating education in regulatory professionals for university students • Providing a discussion platform on product recalls and product listings in the Medical Device Administrative Control System (MDACS) in Hong Kong.

Kuala Lumpur, 1st July, 2013 – Malaysia Medical Device Regulation was rolled out on 1 Jul 2013. We were invited to share our regional and global knowledge.

wong1-resize1.jpgJack Wong (Asia expert) and Nagura Yoshiaki (global expert) presented on 25 June 2013 in the office of Medical Device Authority (MDA).  

Functions of the Medical Device Authority (MDA): • To implement, enforce, consider and recommend reforms medical device laws • To regulate all matters in relation to the medical devices, its industries and activities • To encourage and promote the development of medical device industries • To provide consultancy, advisory service and any other services in relation to the medical device, its industries and activities • To utilize property of the Authority in an expedient manner • To impose fees or charges for services rendered.

Please refer to our latest publication, Handbook of Medical Device Regulatory Affairs in Asia edited by Raymond K. Y. Tong and Jack Wong.


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Director and Publisher

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