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Publishing with Pan Stanford

Our authors are very important to us and we nurture our relationship in order to anticipate and respond to their needs. We are continuously on the lookout for authors who are able to share their passion and innovative ideas in publications that will be available forever. With decades of publishing experience, we are confident that your works will benefit from our seamless sales and marketing network. What sets us apart from our competitors are:

  • Passion in Publishing - we are independently owned by publishers and academics who have a strong passion and dedication in publishing.
  • We Listen - we work closely with our authors, societies and academic communities worldwide and listen to their needs and concerns. Their comments play an important role in our strategic direction.
  • Quality - we believe in quality and our publications are made to last. Your work will undergo a rigorous proof-reading and copyediting process to ensure that your concepts and ideas are clearly communicated. Our publications are printed using the highest quality paper available for scholarly content and state-of-the-art printing technologies.
  • Efficiency - as a small-medium sized publisher, we are able to maximize on efficiency in all functions of the company. Most of our books are published in 3-5 months upon receipt of the first manuscript draft.
  • Royalties - we offer royalties based on net sales received that are highly competitive with other academic publishers.
  • Sales & Marketing - we take pride in our global sales and marketing activities. Your work will be rigorously promoted thru direct marketing, conferences, book fairs, advertisements, email alerts, booksellers and many others. Most importantly, we believe in sustainable marketing for as long as the content is relevant.
  • Available Forever - your work will be available forever in print thru our Print-on-Demand (POD) technologies. Our monographs, review volumes and other reference works will also be available electronically as full-text, searchable eBooks.
  • Personalized Attention - throughout the publishing process, you will be assigned to an editor and marketer who will be responsible for your work. We are large enough to have a global reach and yet you are able to play a major role to influence our direction.

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