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The Road from Nanomedicine to Precision Medicine

September 25, 2017

This free international conference is the 15th annual conference in the series that explores recent advances in medicine, biotech and pharma. As in past years, the platinum sponsors are the Pharmaceutical Research Institute (Rensselaer, NY) and Bawa Biotech LLC (Ashburn, VA). This year’s conference is focussed on innovative advances from nanomedicine to precision medicine. The conference will offer networking opportunities to physicians, scientists, engineers, lawyers, business professionals, technology transfer specialists, policy makers and venture capitalists from government, academia and industry.  All PowerPoint presentations will be fastā€paced and focussed, relying upon extensive color graphics and animations to reach the diverse audience.  Last year’s conference titled Public Health and Emerging Microbial Threats drew around 150 attendees.  

For more information, please visit https://pri-albany.org/.

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